Shweta Basu Prasad’s short film Interior Cafe Night, opposite Naseeruddin Shah, is all about life giving you a second chance. The coincidence is delicious. The Iqbal actress, in which she was acting with Naseer too, was in news regarding a sex racket in 2014. A lot of allegations and counter-allegations later, the past is in the past and what we are left with is an evocative short film about love and life, loss and — as we said — second chances.Interior Cafe Night is set in a cafe owned by Naseeruddin, which is just closing when the veteran actor sees a face from his past sitting on one of the tables. Shernaz Patel is the love of his life but the two hearts were sundered apart 30 years ago. As Naseeruddin and Shernaz converse, flashback takes us to the time when the two lovers (now played by Shweta and Naveen Kasturia) were parting, maybe for forever.There are tears and promises to stay in touch, there is anger (mostly from him) and a sense of resignation (from her). Naseer and Shernaz conversation now is maturer, and deeper for it. Will the two lovers grasp at this chance life has throw at them? Or will they go on their own separate ways once again, serendipity be damned?For everyone who has loved and lost, the short film directed by Adhiraj Bose will make you a believer. Or you can refer to the life of this film’s actor and also co-producer, Shweta Basu Prasad. A National Award-winner at 11 (Makdee), a child star even earlier and arrested and acquitted in alleged prostitution racket a few years ago, she again wows us with her calibre. She proves that all you need to do is grasp at life’s second chances.