Shraddha Kapoor is busy promoting her upcoming film Rock On 2. And during one of her promotional stints, the actress got extremely emotional. It happened when Shraddha did a live concert where she sang Rock On!! And Rock On!! 2 songs.
The actress who got the crowd enthrall through her musical performance apparently got emotional on stage. Shraddha was feeling exhilarated, excited and also had a feeling of trepidation at the same time, when she was on stage.
On the same, the actress says, “There were multiple emotions in me on stage there. The feeling of my first live concert performance, for my film Rock On!! 2 and seeing my most nurtured dreams come true was all so overwhelming that I just couldn’t control my emotions. I can’t explain that feeling in words.”
The actress apparently was so thrilled with the entire live experience that she is now planning to do more such live gigs.