Show your love for your favourite team in the ongoing Euro Cup with football-themed nail art. With the tournament on in full swing, female football lovers have been going all-out to show just where their allegiances lie and are getting nail art done that is just right for the tourney.

This nail art is not only trendy and colourful, but comes with an agenda.We have had some youngsters coming to our salon to get artwork of a specific flag, and many expats getting the colours of flags of their countries,” says nail expert Shikha Sridhar.

You can even get flags of different countries if you just like football, and aren’t supporting one particular team. Beautician Manjul Gupta added, “People like new innovations, and thus, this nail art is popular among youngsters, especially those who like to be on-point when it comes to the going-ons of this world.

It is a good way to tell the world that I am following the Euro Cup’, making it a big conversation-starter. You should definitely sport it if you are going to a match screening.”Actress Sanjjanaa is ready to try the d nail art, provided her favourite team, Spain, makes it to the final. “I follow the matches at the end of the tournament. But I am rooting for Spain. So, if they make it to the end stages, I will definitely go for it. It is fun and makes you feel younge