A BLACK car was seen speeding from a Heidelberg cafe after six shots were sprayed into the front windows in an apparent random early this morning.

Police were called to the cafe on Burgundy St at 6.15am this morning, finding six bullet holes in the cafe’s front windows.

Detectives believe the shots were fired just before 1am.

Heidelberg CIU Detective Senior Constable Dale Ward said today police were unsure why the cafe was targeted.

“It appears to be random,” Sen-Constable Ward said.

The owner of the cafe is not known to police and has not been involved in any criminal activity.

“There’s nothing that’s led up to this,” Sen-Constable Ward said.

Police are looking for a black car, which can be seen in the cafe’s CCTV footage, speeding off after the incident.

The make and model of the car are unknown.

Mr Ward said the cafe owner was too afraid to release CCTV footage to the media, as the incident had left him in fear for his safety.

Meantime, ballistics investigators are still working to determine the type of gun and bullets used, while forensic investigators were at the scene this morning.

Cafe owner Angelo Pace confirmed there were no injuries.

“Everyone’s all right, we’re all upstairs,” he said.

“It happened in the middle of the night, no one was here.”

Mr Pace said he couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to target him.

“I think it’s a case of mistaken identity,” he said.

“The police said I’m the unluckiest man in Heidelberg.”

There is a notice of an application for a planning permit on the windows.

Mr Pace said they were planning to extend the building at the rear and create a beer garden.

One local woman suggested this could be the reason for the shooting.

“I think that’s a pretty extreme reaction,” Mr Pace said.

The cafe is popular with locals, many people turned up to the cafe for their morning coffee.

“Hopefully we’ll be open later,” Mr Pace said.

Owner of a neighbouring Indian restaurant, Mohammed Jaseemuddin was mopping up his kitchen when he heard the shots.

“I’ve never heard that kind of bang, loud multiple bangs,” he said.

“I came with my broomstick in my hand – I saw one car, a sedan, it did a U-turn and took off.”

Mr Jaseemuddin could not see how many people were in the car.

Cafe worker Anton had no idea what happened when he turned up for work at 9am.

“How scary, well I guess I’m not working today,” he said.

Sue, from the shoe store next door, said the owners are very friendly.

“I can’t think why anyone would want to do this, they are incredibly kind, they have a young family, it makes no sense,” she said.

“They even bring us in free coffee so we don’t have to leave the shop.”

Police searched the area but failed to locate any offenders or suspect vehicles.

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward.

Anyone with information should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000