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Boston. The stage shows are Makmfin dancer Maggie. In this connection, when they were catching a flight from Boston to New York with him was something, which became the subject of much discussion by their dancing. Indeed, Jet Blue airline crew Makmfin saying that he did not enter the plane dressed very small. Entry will change clothes on …

Airline staff said clearly that they have to change clothes for the flight. Then Makmfin buying clothes in the race for the second terminal turn, could then travel by plane. It was the total expenditure to $ 22 later, the airline turned back. Dancer said about the incident earlier in the same clothes they had come from New York to Boston, then someone stopped. But then he began to Seattle from Boston with airline crew has done this thing. Stating Makmfin’s friend Molly photos on Facebook are cast by mistreatment. They painted with leopard Makmfin jumper and wearing Shorts.

Molly in the post, citing issues such as women’s freedom has condemned the behavior of the airline. But when asked by the flight crew and pilots said dancer was not assaulted. He was politely asked if other passengers in mind the kind of clothes they would like to change. Makmfin also expressed no objection to this.