There is no proof whether this incident is true or not, but the story that we are going to tell you about is being shared on social media in huge numbers and believe us, it is quite shocking! Here it goes. In the Middle Ages, there was a woman in India who had a pet snake (may be a python), who was much loved by her.

She would take care of him and feed him routinely. The snake that was four meters long felt safe and at home with her. However, one day, the snake stopped eating. The woman tried to feed it for several weeks, but all her efforts in vain.

Worried about her snake, she took it to a veterinary doctor. After listening to her story, he gave a shocking reply.The vet asked her if her snake sleeps with her at night and wraps itself around her or spreads out throughout its length close to her. The woman was surprised as her snake did everything the vet asked her. In hope for the snake’s recovery, she said, Yes, it does this every day and it makes me so sad as I can’t  help him when I know, he is asking something of me. She asked the vet how can she make it feel better.

The vet replied: “Madam, your python is not sick, it is preparing to eat you!

Every time, it is creeping and wrapping around your body, it is actually checking your size to weigh how a great meal you are and how it must be prepared before the attack. And yes, it does not eat, in order to have enough space to make you easier to digest.

Wow! That was close. The vet saved her. There is a moral of the story as well.

You need to identify the snake around you and their true intent. Just because someone is close to you, hugging you often and kissing you does not mean that his intentions are good.