Dealing with day-to-day issues can be stressful be it in office or at home. While exercise and meditation relives you to a certain level, but keeping mind at peace is still difficult in such a scenario.

If you are in a similar fix, you can get complete relief (body and mind) by chanting simple Shiva mantras. As per ancient Indian mythology, chanting Shiva mantra brings inner peace into you and takes away all the tension.

Especially when this Shiva mantra is chanted on Mondays and on days dedicated to lord Shiva, it has a special effect on people’s life leading to ultimate peace of mind and happiness.
Namo Rudray Mahate, Sarveshay, Hiteshine
Nandisansthay Devaye Vidyabhaykaray cha
Paapantkay Bhargay Namonantaay Vedhse
Namo Mayahareshay Namaste Lokshankar

Chant this Shiva Mantra in your mind and stay blessed.