Dancing sensation Shilpa Shetty is all set to return to the small screen with kids dance reality show, Super Dancer – Dance Ka Kal. The actress, who has some popular dance numbers to her credit in an interview talks about her son Viaan, fitness and the difficulties she faced while judging the show.

Ques: How do you manage to stay so fit?

Shilpa: I was just telling them that most people take care of themselves once they reach a problem or once they realize they have got high cholesterol or diabetes or when they realise they are becoming obese. I just take precautions. I make sure that I stay healthy. I really believe that when you start taking precaution early in your life, you can actually delay the ageing process.

Ques: How has been the experience of judging with Anurag Basu and Geeta Kapur?

Shilpa: I cannot believe they actually kept a line like that in the promo. I said that hum filmwale doosro ko topi pehnaate hai hum topi pehen nahi sakte. God bahut saari aisi cheezein boli hai maine show pe. I am spontaneous and I don’t think while talking. I should really start thinking. I think it’s a great show. I don’t think anybody has seen the chemistry that Anurag and I share. We have done a film together. My last movie was with him Life In A Metro. He is a really fun guy to be with. Geeta also is someone who is really great fun. We are such a mad panel and the children the kids are icing on the cake. They have given some amazing content. They come and say such strange things.

Ques: Are you a strict mother?

Shilpa: Yes, I am. I don’t allow my son to watch television as it gets aggressive to watch at times. I am a very protective mother but, this time I will encourage him to watch my upcoming show ‘Super Dancer’. This will be his first tryst with television.

Ques: Will we see your son Viaan on the show?

Shilpa: No, I would not get him. I have seen many 4-5 year-old kids on the show. I wonder how they do it because my son can’t even do the half of what they are doing at this age.

Ques: What is the most special thing about judging the show?

Shilpa: Kids dance from heart and it just melts you. It’s difficult to judge them. I think I will need a psychiatrist after the show. We have some really talented kids on the show. I saw a lot of different dance forms on the show that I had not seen earlier. We are also careful about the language that we use on the show.

Ques: How difficult was it coping up with your emotional side while judging the kids?

Shilpa: It was very difficult. Many of the kids in fact 70 percent of them are not even privileged enough to go to dance school. They come from Bhilai and Jharkhand where they don’t even have a dance school. There is one child on the show whose mother works as a house help. She got emotional on the show and told us how she doesn’t even get to see her son as she has to leave at 6 in the morning for work. She even said that the clothes her son wore that day was given to them by someone else. She doesn’t have money to buy to buy clothes for her kids. It got so emotional for me I was a wreck on the show. To actually have to keep all those emotions aside and become a judge with children. I have done it with celebrities and grown ups but I think I am gonna die and go to hell because I might have hurt a kid with my comments. I would be very scared. I think it’s a very entertaining show.

Ques: You were named a crying baby on the show. Your comments.

Shilpa: I can’t be unemotional. I think they have got a wrong judge and I had told them the same on the first day of the shoot. It’s going to be very difficult. They are loving it because they are making me cry. It’s making great TV viewing for them. I think I need psychiatric help after this. We had a child who had rickets. He was doing stuff which I could not even imagine obviously I am going to cry. There is a child who is deaf and dumb. He cant even hear the music and he is dancing. Won’t you cry? I haven’t cried just like that. I don’t know how Anurag and Geeta managed it. They were also emotional, but I was crying. I can’t judge the show. I am really terrible. I have become emotional after becoming a mother.

Ques: There are reports of you being part of a fiction series on TV? How true is it?

Shilpa: I am definitely going to be doing something very interesting and big in the digital space, but I can’t tell you what it is. I will make an announcement in 50 days.

Ques: How do you manage to don multiple hats?

Shilpa: When I take off one and keep it down the next hat that I wear, I wear it properly. I just give in my 100 percent in whatever I do. When I am here I know my son is at a class so he is entertained and I know that by 6.30-7pm my husband will be home so he takes over the duty. Now, he goes to school so it gives me much more time to work.

Ques: What do you want to say about your divorce rumours with your husband Raj Kundra?

Shilpa: Can you believe that kya sochkar likhte hai yaar. Even Raj and my friends were so embarrassed. I think some of my friends were having a party and they were scared to call Raj and me as they believed the rumour. One of them called and said ‘accha humne ghar par party rakhi hui hai aa jaana’. As I was travelling, I got to know from them about the rumour. I think it’s part and parcel of being a celebrity. People sometimes are bound to write rubbish. I have learnt to take it in my stride but that was very distasteful.

Ques: Was there any truth to it? How do you react to these rumours?

Shilpa: Why would there be a problem? You are mad or what? I love my husband. He is my soul mate, touchwood! I think because I kept quiet, it was blown out of proportion. I am not one of those who really believes that I need to clarify anything to anyone. Unless it is something that I just feel is uncalled for. I always believe ‘agar maine isse zyaada importance diya toh aur bada ho jayega’. That’s the reason I kept quiet and I suddenly saw it snowballing. I even called my PR, who is a very old friend of mine, and I said what the hell is happening, you will have to stop this now, it’s really irritating me. I switch off it’s not possible to survive, otherwise.