Shilpa has come out to clear the air around recent rumours of her marriage falling apart.
She was recent quoted as saying, “It is complete About recent rumours of her marriage falling apart. I don’t even know where these rumours came from. I
believe in the institution of marriage, and I love my husband. Many of my relatives from London, UK, called up, and they were really worried about these
rumours. They were going through all the news channels back home.”
Shilpa Shetty is one actress who always has a clear stand on everything in life. She added, “There has to be a line drawn somewhere. If journalists hit us
below the belt, it hurts, because we are only humans. Whoever put out that article should have at least cross-checked. It’s unfair to us.”
Just a few weeks back, there were rumours on how Raj Kundra had been staying in his office and not coming home for a few days. It was then reported that
the reason for him to stay in office was that he was working on a project and had no time to even eat or sleep. That is why he had shifted to his office for a
few days.
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