Yamini is going mad with her new found powers from the naagmani. She organizes a pooja that will end up giving her each and every strand of power that the unworldly gem has to offer. But she needs a shape shifting snake woman to participate in the ritual for it to work. Now knowing Shivanya in her right mind would never agree for this, Yamini tricks Shesha into sitting for the ritual.

Shivanya is unaware of this progress in the saga. She realises what is happening when she finds Divya unconscious in her room while her doppelganger is there with the family taking part in the hawan. To figure out who is out there posing as Divya, she asks a snake charmer to play his musical instrument and coerce the naagin to come into her true form. She succeeds and Sehsha, shape shifted as Divya, comes in her true form. A fight ensues between her and Ritik. She gets the upper hand and is almost about to kill Ritik when she realises she is too deep in love with him. She somehow manages to get out of there.

When confronted by Shivanya(Mouni Roy), Shesha claims that it was her plan to spoil the ritual last moment, as Yamini would have brought in another snake woman if not her. Shivanya believes her and ends up being duped by her. In reality, Shesha and Yamini had struck a deal that if Yamini is helped with the pooja, she will let Shesha get together with Ritik. And poor Shivanya is unaware of all this.

Yamini tries her best to expose Shivanya’s identity to the family but fails. She also tries to kill her but fails. Finally she confronts the Shivanya, and tells her that now it is an open war. And also that she has assigned a different naagin for the next attempt at carrying out the ritual.

Now, Yamini’s plan is to kill off Shesha and Guru Maa after she has the powers of naagmani, Guru Maa’s plan is to kill Yamini and Shesha, and of course Shesha’s plan is to kill Yamini and Guru Maa after the ritual. Well, of course who can betray their family could betray anyone.

Shivanya reaches in time, and with Lord Shiva’s blessings, somehow enters Guru Maa’s cave and stops the ritual. She violently confronts Shesha about her intentions. And Shesha reveals it all to Shivanya. Nothing else could have broke heart more than her own beloved cousin betraying her. Guru Maa makes her pet eagles attack Shivanya, and today’s episode concludes with a cliffhanger.

The show delivers the most heartbreaking episode of the season. Things are getting intense as the show is reaching its end. It is great to see the story finally progressing in a direction where everything is unpredictable! Great acting by the entire cast, especially Sudha Chandran- she can scare you more than naagin herself with her evil avatar. The show is class apart.

Will Shesha come back to her senses? Will Yamini get all the powers from the naagmani? Will Shivanya be able to save herself? Find out in the coming episodes!