Riyadh: Some time ago in England, a Saudi billionaire was considerable discussion. The golden color of their car was parked in the wrong parking lot, which was later found out that he made of gold. Since then, news of it began in the UK.
The man’s name was Turkey Bin Abdullah, the Saudi billionaires and are famous for their luxury lifestyle habits. They Lanboargini, super cars including Rolls Royal and Bensle which are made of gold and adorned-Dji. Gold car which was in the news recently, it used to take it with them everywhere. The Mercedes G 63, they own the car, which is made of gold and is moving in the Saudi desert areas. The cost of millions of rupees in the car a few seconds at a speed of 300 km per hour catch. However, they also have a pet cheetah, which always move only to sit on the front seat of the car.
There are also many
Abdullah is the first person who put such peculiar hobby. There are also several other Sheikh, which included Prince Sheikh of Brunei. Is said about them that they are at the forefront of the list. They have about 300 cars, including Rolls Royce, Ferrari cars are expensive. London edition of the Playboy club was bought at the price of more than 2 billion, which is quadruple the price. The Prince’s hair cutting costs is the equivalent of approximately 14 million dollars.
Sheikh was the case at Forbes
Saudi billionaire Prince Alwaleed Talal Bill Forbes sued in a British court, told the magazine reduced the price of their property. Talal said that the price of their property, and accordingly they should be in the list of top ten. While he was ranked 26th in the list.