completely different than anything he has done before.
When contacted, Shashank revealed that he was super excited to be back. He said, “I am happy that being patient has paid off in the form of this exciting new character I’m portraying in Jana Na Dil Se Door. I play Ravish, an army officer who
is very simple. He has immense respect for women and will go to any limits to safeguard their dignity. For Ravish, his family and his country are his main priority in life.”
A new character means donning a new look, and this time Shashank really got a chance to experiment. He said, “I will be sporting very short hair, since army men have that look along with a moustache. Te be honest, it was very difficult to
cut my hair so short because I have always loved my long hair. Believe me, in last 15 years this is the shortest hair that I have ever sported! When I heard of this part, I was a bit skeptical about the look, but then I closed my eyes and thought
about the character I knew I had to go for this look. And, since I like to be in the skin of the character I play, I chose to grow a real mustache. It actually worked well. I actually got a few compliments for it too.”
Shashank, who waited for a almost nine months to bag this role says that he is glad to wait for strong, content based roles such as this one. He says, “The wait was worth it. I have believed in the show and it’s already doing so well. In media
and show business, patience always pays you in the long run.”
A self confessed workaholic, Shashank is a complete homebody who doesn’t party much. He said he used his three year break to recharge his batteries and indulged in his favorite hobby, travelling. He says, “I travelled abroad, and I even
went to the North of India. Now the rest is over and it’s time to come back on television and start working.”