After days of speculations, Shahid Kapoor recently announced his wife Mira Rajput’s pregnancy at the trailer launch of ‘Udta Punjab.’ But it wasn’t just us he kept waiting, the actor took his time before he told his mother, Neelima Azim about the happy news too. However, the lady recently revealed in an interview with DNA that “mother’s intuition or sixth sense” had helped her guess the good news much before she was officially informed. When asked what she thought of Shahid as a father, she said that she firmly believed he “will make a wonderful one — the world’s best dad!”

Shahid Kapoor recently confirmed that he is going to become a father. Word is wife Mira Rajput will deliver an autumn baby (late September or early October). And it is always the grandmother who is the happiest when her children start their own family. Shahid’s mother and dancer-actress Neelima Azim is no different.

The too-young-to-be dadi Neelima reveals, that although Shahid confirmed his impending fatherhood only now, she had sensed it earlier. Even before her laadla told her. “Of course,Shahid had told me at the right time, but I guessed it much earlier. Call it a mother’s intuition or sixth sense, but I was pretty sure Mira was expecting earlier. I was extremely happy when Shahid confirmed what I was thinking!” she recounts.

She has two sons. Does she hope that Mira will have a daughter, so there is a baby girl in the family for her to fuss over? The to-be granny smiles, “I just want the baby to be happy, healthy and fine… Whether it’s a boy or girl doesn’t matter.” What kind of papa will Shahid make? “He will make a wonderful one — the world’s best dad!”