Shahid Kapoor finally kickstarted his Padmavati schedule on November 25. He posted a selfie on Instagram announcing the same two days ago. His properly grown beard and shaped moustache told us that he is all set to get into the Raja Rawal Ratan Singh mode. He has been working day and night to attain the perfect body of a Rajput King, who are known to be well built and bulky. His Instagram posts tell us that he has been having rigorous work out sessions in the night. Yesterday he posted a gym selfie and captioned it ‘#shamelessposingselfie’. Check it out right here –


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Shahid is the last one to begin shooting. Ranveer Singh, who plays the ruthless warrior Allaudin Khilji in the film, was the first one to begin shooting. Once he completed his schedule, Deepika Padukone joined Sanjay Leela Bhansali on the Mehboob Studios, where the enormous set of Rani Padmavati’s water palace has been erected. As informed earlier, she began her shoot with a traditional Rajasthani dance – ghoomar. On the 9th day of her shoot, Shahid joined her. While nothing is confirmed yet,it’s being said that the dance sequence is going to be one like Dewaani Mastaani from Bajirao Mastaani, where she performed in front of Ranveer Singh. Here the difference will be that she will perform with/for Shahid. Their first scene together was shot yesterday in the afternoon.

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The shooting has been stopped for now. Deepika and Shahid will mostly resume their shoot on first December. Talking about working with Deepika for the first time, Shahid said in a recent interview, “In Padmavati, we have a lot of work together and I am really looking forward to working with her. I have been seeing her do some great work, especially in the last few years. She has really upped her game and she’s at her best right now. She’s probably doing better work than many today. So that’s awesome. It’s great that we are working together in a film like Padmavati because it’s a great opportunity for anybody who’s a part of this film. I really feel that Padmavati is going to be a special film.”

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