Shah Rukh Khan completed 24 years in the Indian film industry, on June 25.
The Badshah of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan completed 24 years in the industry and guess what the actor shared on Twitter for his fans? The superstar, giving a glimpse of his illustrious career, shared names of 24 different women who taught him 24 life lessons in 24 years of him being an actor.
There is no doubt that SRK, right from his first release ‘Deewana’ to his latest release ‘Fan’, has given his fans tremendous reasons to rejoice and spread happiness with his mesmerising performances. However, the life lessons that he has shared are supremely inspiring and witty at the same time. Well, where there is SRK, there has to be impeccable wit and humour apart from some valuable learning of course.
Without much a do and without spoiling the fun for you guys, we bring you all those 24 life lessons, which SRK said, he has learnt from 24 different women