Sex is all about making the right moves and pleasuring each other. If you are in the mood to get a little kinky tonight, this sex tip will do the trick. We often use a mirror to admire ourselves and be a bit vain, but when you add sex to this, you know there will be fireworks. Also read – BDSM basics.

Imagine you and your partner in the throes of passion where you can not only watch them but yourself too in the mirror. But things can go awry if you get distracted looking at yourself and forget to hit the right spots. Keep these tips in mind to avoid such a situation.

Firstly, make sure that both of you are comfortable with the idea or else your partner can get offended in the middle of the act.

It is better to do it in front of a full-size mirror (probably in your bathroom or bedroom) where you can see your complete self and not just your face. This will add more fire to your passionate act.

Don’t keep looking into the mirror at all times – not looking at your lover may make it less intimate. Take glances in-between the act.

Try sex positions such as doggy style so that both of you are facing the mirror simultaneously and can look at the two of you having sex without the other one missing out.

So fire up your passion in the bedroom in this fun way. Tell us if this tip worked for you in the comments section below. Here are some more spots you can sex in other than your bed.