Sex is supposed to be fun and not a routine. There are days when you are not in mood and times when you are too tired to do it at night. While people think that having sex at night is convenient, but don’t make it a schedule. In fact, here are 10 interesting things you MUST do for your partner tonight. Most people feel tired and die to hit the pillow when back from work. So why not spark up the heat by surprising your partner in the morning. Even a quickie before leaving for work might do the trick. Don’t know how to go about? Try these 6 sex positions for an amazing quickie!

You can also initiate sex as soon as you reach home. With cuddling and kissing her nape as she prepares dinner, you can take your romance to the next level. Nothing will arouse her more than your warm breath on the back of her neck. You can even spice up things by talking dirty to get her in the mood.

All this can be done at any time of the day, especially during the weekends when both of you have the time to spend together. Moreover, according the right time to have sex is 3 pm, as women produce high levels of cortisol hormone that make her more alert for the act. In fact, the levels of testosterone, a hormone responsible for sexual arousal and performance increase in early to mid-morning, making it the perfect time to have sex. You can even ditch your bed and head to the kitchen or try it on couch for fun. Here are 7 exciting sex positions you should try on your couch!

So why to make it a routine to have sex only at night. Try something different this time by indulging in an afternoon delight or a morning quickie.