Your bedroom doesn’t have to be the only place for some sexy time. In fact, the bathroom is an equally good place to have an orgasmic time with your partner. Switching locations where both of you can have sex is a great way to add some zest to your sex life and keep things interesting. Here are the 15 places to have sex other than your bedroom.

The plus point of having sex in the bathroom is that you can try different positions with the help of some practice and technique. If shower sex is just not for you and you prefer being in a dry place while having sex due to safety concerns, you go for the bathroom sink! Many couples have ended up getting injured while trying to have sex in the shower or bath tub, so the bathroom sink is a far better option because it makes penetration easier and less risky.

However, before you and your partner head to the bathroom sink for some fun, remember that you should completely avoid it if you only have a wall mount bathroom sink. To stay on the safer side, have sex on the counter top of your bathroom sink as that is sturdy and will be able to handle your weight no matter how passionate your love making sessions get! Once the safety concern is sorted out, you and your partner can now figure out what position works best for both of you.

Sex positions

One position is where you can make her sit on the edge of the counter and lean back. For some back support, you can put a pillow against the wall or mirror. Then make her spread her legs apart and directly penetrate her. Both of you will be facing each other and this position is ideal for deep penetration.

You could also try the doggy pose where she holds on to the edges of the sink and bends over and then, you can penetrate her from behind. The best part about the doggy pose is, you will still be able to see her face in the mirror as you enter her!