Amazing Places in the world are many, which is about the surprise. Sights such people are also imitates well. While some of these people have made their hard work, their style is coined While Nature. One such place is China’s Tiananmen Mountain, which is also the head of the tourist attractiveness. Indeed, the 1518 meters high (about 5 thousand feet), the world’s highest mountain cave. The cave is called the door of heaven. The cave is among the clouds …
It is said that part of the mountain broke down in 253 AD, which was constructed at the cave. Its length is 196 feet, 187 feet in height and width is 431 feet. About 5 thousand feet of altitude between clouds surrounded the cave remains. Probably because it said the door of heaven. In addition to the tourist road to the cable they use. The world’s longest (24 459 ft) and the height of the Guinness Books of World Records made this cable is also recorded. After getting off the streets cables and 999 people climb stairs to reach the cave. Filosifi Tao said, the 999 number and the emperor is the symbol of the Supreme step.
Waterfall ever
A waterfall in the 20th century was the Tiananmen Mountain, which was visible for only 15 minutes. Then would vanish. The water was falling straight down from a height of 1500 meters. However, this is no sign of the waterfall. However, it is also known as the Mountain of the great treasures are hidden here. Too many people trying to find it, but they failed. Buddhist monastery, too.