A happy woman equals a happy home. These expert tips will tell you how to maintain that. Relationships require constant effort from both sides to keep it romantic and interesting to both you and your partner happy and committed to the relationship. As a man, there are points you can use to ensure you always have a happy relationship. It doesn’t take much effort from your side and it will not go unnoticed.
Dr Deborah Bernhardt, a psychologist in a private practice based in Fourways, Johannesburg, offers tips for men to use to keep their partners smiling:

1. Do special things for her on a regular basis
It can be tea in bed or even running the bath. This makes her feel special.

2. Be punctual
This shows that you are respectful of her time and reliable. Don’t tell her you will pick her up at 7 and then arrive an hour later.

3. Make an effort to be good to her family members
This demonstrates to her that you care about her feelings and the feelings of those close to her.

4. Assist her with domestic chores
Help her around the house and do things the way she would do them herself, eg rinse plates before packing them in the dishwasher. This shows her that you want to help her around the house.

5. Fix things around the home
Whether it’s changing light bulbs or backwashing the pool, don’t put off doing the task. This will make her feel that she really does have a life partner, as opposed to a child that she is trying to coerce into doing chores.

6. Don’t consume too much alcohol when you go out together
Women don’t find it attractive for their partners to be the clown at the party and you end up losing their respect.

7. Don’t cheat on your partner
If she values herself and has self-esteem, she won’t want to be your partner if you cheat on her. Breaking the trust in a relationship is breaking the relationship.