Whether you use an Android device or an iOS one, it’s almost certain that you use some Google apps on a near-daily basis.
In fact, apps like Gmail, YouTube are on the ‘must-have’ list of apps of just about every smartphone user. But did you know that Google has a whole bunch of ‘lesser known’ apps as well?

These ‘less popular’ apps from Google are generally focused on specialized use cases. Nevertheless, chances are high that you might find some (or all) of them useful.
So here is a list of some of the obscure Google-made apps.
If you ever happen to lose your Android smartphone, Android Device Manager will help you locate it.The app can come in really handy in tracking and getting back lost or stolen Android devices.

It can even be used to factory reset devices remotely, provide the functionality has been configured properly beforehand.If you use two-factor authentication, Google Authenticator is a must-have app.

The app makes it easy to get time-bound authentication codes for logging into accounts in which you have two-factor authentication enabled.What’s best about Google Authenticator is that it works offline, and even for some non-Google services.
Google’s Gesture Search app lets you access everything from apps to settings by just drawing gestures on the screen.The app refines search results as you keep on adding more gestures.

If you hate searching for apps, settings etc. by typing, Gesture Search is just what you need.Google’s Keep note-taking app makes jotting down quick notes a walk in the park.The app includes features like colour-coded notes, quick to-do lists, reminders and a lot more.

And since all the notes are synced to your Google account, they are available across all the devices that you use Google Keep on.
Gmail surely works great for handling email, but Google’s Inbox isn’t half bad either.

Apart from having almost all of Gmail app’s functionality, Inbox has features like automatic highlighting of emails having information like flight check-ins and transaction receipts.
The app also can also bundle similar messages together and includes the option to snooze email messages so they can be acted upon later.
Google My Business lets you verify your business information, manage customer reviews, get insights on how customers are interacting with your business and build your brand.
It not only keeps you aware of what’s happening in your business, but also notifies you when customers are talking about it.
 You don’t have to be an art lover to use Art and Culture. The app has been there for quite a while, but recently got a makeover.

True to its name, Art and Culture displays information about art and cultural artifacts from over 1,000 museums around the world. You can search for different artifacts, read about art-related movements and historical events.
It even has a companion virtual reality experience that can be used with Google Cardboard.