The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) on Thursday received reports of seven samples of slice bread, bun bread and pizza bread and none was found positive for potassium bromate . Results of four samples of cake is awaited.

Director of FDA, Salim Veljee, confirmed receiving reports of seven samples. The results of the balance four samples are expected in a day or two.

The FDA got into action and collected samples of bread and other bakery products, after the research centre for science and environment claimed that many brands of packaged bread, and pizzas contain toxic chemicals which could probably cause cancer two weeks ago.

Eighteen samples of bread including local pao, sliced bread (both brown and white) and pizza bread were collected and sent for testing at the FDA’s laboratory, at Bambolim. The result of 14 samples received two days ago also didn’t show any presence of potassium bromate, and were found to be in compliance to the requirements of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006, and the Rules/ Regulation 2011.