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The zoo in the Chilean capital Santiago, a 20-year-old man stripped himself all jumped into the lion enclosure. The two lions lying down at her body. But before the man killing the tiger, zoo officials opened fire. 20-year-old man was found with a suicide note had jumped into the enclosure shouting religious makes …
International media this event ‘Suicide by Lion’ is described. According to those present, the man jump over the fence was some religious slogans. Zoo officials have confirmed to the media that the two lions were killed. Local media reported that a man named Roman Franco Luis Ferrada. After the incident, he was admitted to hospital where he is being treated. Critical condition.
It is said that the man in the enclosure after the jump for some time with the lion’s body play ” are. Xu director Alexandra Montalba said, “It’s Saturday. Crowds of visitors at that time, Xu said. He said “that man JU as a visitor came in and bought the tickets.” Director said really hurt by the death of two lions, but Xu under the protocol is more important than the lives of lions.