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Sometimes people become so involved in the Craz Selfie that he does not even know where and what they are doing. Skremento US state of California recently boarded the small plane 17 skydiver together. They were about to dive thousands of feet above the plane crash that took place. Go-Pro camera at the head of one of those drivers was tied. His recording is visible in the clear just before the crash all the drivers were afraid. Parachute Centre was full of flying …
An engine plane took off from the Lodi Parachute Center. Shortly after the pilot discovered that there is a malfunction in the engine. He again tried to return to the airport, as he was on the farm fell into the low altitude. The skydiver Brendan Elishayr afraid of the peer Go Pro camera to shoot the moment.
He then uploaded the video on his Facebook page. He also uploaded a photo, which they are taking selfies with the plane lying in the field opposite. His post has been viral. He also pointed out that the skydiver with the pilot is safe. This post has received 19,000 likes. So, today we clicked the wrong moment are going to show selfie 9.