City councillor Shelley Carroll says seeking the provincial Liberal nomination in Don Valley North is a “logical” step for her to take after 13 years at city hall.

Carroll announced on Tuesday that she would seek the Liberal nomination for the newly formed ward ahead of the next provincial election in 2018.

Speaking with reporters at city hall about her decision on Wednesday, Carroll said that her experience in municipal government could make her a valuable resource at Queen’s Park.

“We have grappled with the issues of housing of transit of traffic at the municipal level in Ward 33, we have looked at new approaches to those challenges and to take some of those experiences and all the engagement that I have had with the residents in this area to the next level – the provincial government – makes sense,” she said. “It is a new step for me but I think a logical one.”

Carroll has represented Ward 33 since 2003.

During her time at city hall, Carroll has occupied several positions of influence, including budget committee chair during David Miller’s second term as mayor.

On Wednesday, Carroll admitted that announcing her candidacy for the Liberal nomination two years ahead of the next election is an “unusual step.”

Carroll, however, said that her Ward 33 won’t take a back seat as she seeks the nomination.

Currently, Carroll is the deputy speaker at council. Carroll also sits on the Toronto Transit Commission board, the Toronto Police Services Board and the city’s budget and economic development committees.

“I intend to leave here with a street check policy at the police board that really represents the wishes of the residents. That is some of the most important work I am doing,” she said. “We are also deep in the budget process and we need to have an important conversation this year where we talk about a new revenue model for the City of Toronto and make sure it is on solid financial footing for years to come. I want to be a part of that conversation and happily I will be able to because that conversation must happen in 2017.”