Shraddha Das is an Indian film actress who has appeared in Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada and Bengali films.

Shraddha Das’ debut release was the 2008 Telugu film Siddu from Sikakulam, although she had first auditioned for the Telugu film Target. She was told that
she played the female lead in Siddu from Sikakulam, but she had only a minor supporting role as the lead actress’ cousin. Although unhappy with her
character she continued filming for the project as she did not want to be branded as unprofessional by leaving her first film midway. The film was negatively
reviewed,and Das in a later interview told that she was “very upset for doing such a bad film”. After Target and Sidhu from Srikakulam, she quickly signed
four more Telugu films within six months: 18, 20 Love Story, Diary, Adhineta and Sukumar’s Arya 2, which was her first high profile project. Excluding Arya 2,
all films proved to be critically and commercially unsuccessful.
After a year without any releases, she made her Bengali debut with The Royal Bengal Tiger (2014). Later that year, she had two Hindi releases, the
romantic comedy Lucky Kabootar and the widely publicised Vivek Agnihotri erotic thriller Zid; both films opened to negative to mixed critical response,
although Das stated that she benefited from Zid and received more offers from Bollywood after its release. Prior to the release of Zid, she made the
headlines when she accused her co-star Mannara of injuring her during the shooting.