Shilpa looked stunning in her bold red outfit she did for the promo shoot
We aren’t asking you to imagine how star Shilpa Shetty would look like without her personal trainers. Nor do we expect you to think of her a little
less glamorous. We are just asking you to take a look at the recent photos of the star. The actress, was recently snapped during the promotions of
her dance reality show Super Dancer in this gorgeous red outfit. She completed the look by opting for Leopard print studded heels (Louboutin) and
loops (Viange Vintage). While we like how she was styled for her photoshoot, we are even more delighted to see her walking to the studio in
normal slippers. Now, isn’t that what we do too? Avoiding sky high heels until we leave for an important social do? Comfort takes precedence over
fashion, always.