Bani J aka Gurbani Judge, who participated in Season 4 of MTV Roadies, is known to be a fitness freak. The tough lady doesn’t shy away from flaunting her
abs or tattoos on social media. Her Instagram has many pictures where she can be seen working out and flaunting her body cuts.Though Bani doesn’t meet
the traditional standards of beauty with her intense workouts, but that doesn’t bother her at all. She is happy defining beauty on her own terms and that
pretty much shows in everything she does. Recently, her trimmed figure has gone through a drastic change, more than what one could imagine. Her
shoulder cuts, washboard abs and tattooed arms have gained more prominence. Take a look at these pictures to know what we mean…

I lift to make myself better, Inside and out. Whoever looks at this picture or a picture of anyone who is passionate about their workouts/ training/lifestyle and
thinks it’s all for the outside/ purely for the physicality – has no idea the amount of work that goes in, internally. Mentally emotionally and spiritually, to focus
your vision and make it laser sharp, to create a zone where no doubts exist, no interference exists- like white noise. And you focus all this power into just
being Better, bit by bit, rep by rep, day by day. I’ve become so rock solid in my beliefs of doing purely what I love and what brings me joy that I don’t even
hear people disagreeing or being judgy or anything of the sort. I don’t have time for it. I’m too happy off the endorphins haha. I see no point in judging
people who chose to live their lives a certain way that makes them happy. Why should it effect me? It shouldn’t. Stay busy just doing you, boo boo 🙂 Also, I
feel like adding I know this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, so if you’re one of those people scroll on by, but if you feel where I’m coming from then go on, get