Last year Ashley Graham made history with her Addition Elle runway show at New York Fashion Week.
And though 2016 has seen the 28-year-old become a massive star, Ashley is still strutting her stuff for the Canadian plus-size retailer
that helped launch her into super stardom, modelling the fall 2016 lingerie collection for the brand in a new set of incredible images.
The photos, taken by Canadian photographer Shayne Laverdière, see Ashley posing in a variety of fetching undergarments in and
around a subway car.

In one image she stands among the seemingly oblivious passengers in a blue mesh bodysuit and in another leans up against the
outside of the car in a navy bra and underwear with a fur coat draped about her.
The line is her 10th branded one with the company, is due for release in July, and features the same sort of delicate lace and curve-
hugging sexiness that has made her previous wares such a success.
‘My 10th collection with Addition Elle is one of my favorites to date,’ the model said in a statement. ‘The styles have really evolved with
my career, and me and we’re able to push the boundaries a bit more with the success of each collection.’
She added: ‘We thoughtfully designed this collection so our customers can incorporate the lingerie into their outfits, not just wear them
underneath. I also never thought I’d be on the subway in my underwear!’
Ever since Ashley Graham appeared on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the first plus-size model to do so, she says that her ‘life has
not slowed down whatsoever’.
And never has that been more clear than in a new video done by where filmmakers followed the 28-year-old model around
for 36 hours of her incredibly packed schedule.