For many centuries across the western world, dark skin has been used as an antonym for beauty. Having said that; these thoughts are dying a slow death as people are thawing up to how beautiful dark women can be. One such realization came forward when the world roze to the beauty of Khoudia Diop.
Hailed as the darkest model in the world, Khoudia is redefining the definitions of beauty with her brilliant radiance.
Currently called the Melanin Goddess, Khoudia rose to fame when a photographer shot her in a stunning campaign that celebrated colour and it’s beauty. Khoudia being the darkest of all stood out in the series and attracted some eyeballs as the fashion world was stunned by her unusual skin colour and mesmerizing beauty.

But things, she says, have never been rosy. She was always bullied for her skin colour and was given several uncouth nicknames like ‘Darky’, ‘daughter of the night’, ‘mother of stars’ etc. While the names may sound very rude and offensive, Khoudia made peace with them after a while. The Senegalese damsel asserts that after a while the names meant nothing to them and she just smiled at the ignorant rants of people about her rich skin colour.
Khoudia bring positivity and confidence back to a majority of African women who have long been living under false notions about colour. Almost 59 % of women in Nigeria use skin whitening creams and the numbers are as alarming in other African as well as South Asian countries.
We share with your some stunning images of Khoudia that will make you fall in love.