Leena Kapoor also known as (Leena Gupta) is an Indian model, and actress known for her works in Hindi cinema, and Television. Before her debut in films, Leena has appeared in several Punjabi Music Videos, Television commercials and series such as “Love Net – Season 2” in Channel V.Sometime last year, Delhi based model-turned-actress, Leena Kapoor filed a complaint against Pakistan cricket umpire Asad Rauf in Mumbai, declaring that they were in a relationship, that he had sexually exploited her and had promised to marry her. Rauf categorically denied it. After pictures of the two were published, Rauf admitted that the photos were real, but maintained not having any relationship with her. He said the pictures were taken after she posed as a fan. She later took back her complaint. More recently, Rauf was sacked by the ICC from the Champions League Trophy in England next month for alleged involvement in the Indian Premier League (IPL) spot-fixing controversy. Rauf has always been very close to cricketers, especially the Indian players, and his numerous assignments in India, including the Indian Premier League, made him a favourite here. In IPL 2013, Rauf officiated in 13 matches, his last match was on May 19.