The upcoming US President Elections 2016 has grabbed the attention of the entire world. Scheduled for the 8th of November, Presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are busy fighting their battles for the US polls.
Among the two candidates, Donald Trump has often grabbed headlines for his numerous scandals and his outrageous comments ranging from objectifying women to offending the blacks in the country. Apart from the many scandals that surround him, Trump has also grabbed immense attention for his humungous amount of wealth.
Ranked by Forbes with a net worth of over 3.7 Billion USD, Trump is estimated to have much more property than is accounted for. Among the many luxurious homes he owns around the States, it is the Trump Towers in Manhattan, New York that seems to be the most controversial.
Costing over Rs. 650 Crore, the Manhattan penthouse is decorated with 24k gold and marble. An epitome of elegance and perfection, the 66th floor penthouse boasts of his enormous wealth.
Take a quick look at the classic home of the America’s wealthiest Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.