‘Girls Gone bad’ isn’t unheard of in Bollywood. While many a starlets have lost their careers to drugs, several others have been stuck in racket cases. However, starlets who have taken to streets on account of being thrown out by their family are pretty unusual.
Meet Alisa Khan who recently grabbed a role in the movie, My Husband’s Wife. Although the film wasn’t a huge success, Alisa soon found herself working beside Emraan Hashmi in the yet-to-be-released film. With the rags to riches story in the reverse order, the model-turned-actor Alisa Khan was seen roaming around aimlessly on the streets of Delhi. Interacting with a leading daily, Alisa revealed her story.
Alisa Khan is a resident of Ghaziabad. Belonging to the royal family of Wazir Ghazi-ud-din, Alisa in-fact belongs to the clan that founded the city of Ghaziabad. Considering that she is a Nawab by blood, her rags story took the industry by storm.
Blaming her mother and her brother for her condition, the actress revealed she was thrown out of her family home after she filed a complaint with the Delhi cops against her ex-beau. Having made a sleazy video of the duo during their intimate moments, the so-called ex began to threaten Alisa for a ransom. Baffled, she filed a complaint which in turn didn’t go down too well with her family. Fearing their reputation, the family took to disowning Alisa and alas, she was found on the streets of Delhi taking refuge in temples.
Having spent immense nights on the streets and in the temples, the actress is disheartened with the entire turn of events. Considering she has already been signed for the movie, we wonder if the sudden change of events will prove fatal in her upcoming B-town career. Until Alisa Khan is able to get a hold of her life, you can have a look at the upcoming actor’s journey this far.
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