Aishwarya Rai Bachchan might have spread her swagger at the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival 2016, but the lady was spotted in a rather drab outfit as she returned back home. Spotted at Mumbai International Airport, Aishwarya was seen in a printed dress in a shade too boring with Aaradhya perched atop.
The actress who is in news most of all for her purple lips that she pulled off at the red carpet was seen carrying the same dull look upon her face with lips painted in a shimmery shade and just eye liner adorning her peepers. Her mother dearest Vrinda Rai was also in tow who like every year had accompanied Aishwarya to Cannes.
Talking about Aaradhya, Aish had once again dressed her little angel in a shade of pink too bright. Her jacket as well as shoes were fuchsia with hair band holding back her tresses which again was light pink. Some fascination! May be she should take some fashion inspiration from Victoria Beckham on how she dresses up her little girl Harper Beckham. Aaradhya perhaps got scared of paparazzi waiting for mommy dearest at the airport, so she threw a tantrum following which Aish had to pick her up and walk rest of the way. Cute!
Also, this year too Aish’s Cannes stint is being criticized. While she got it right with her gowns, her makeup was too dramatic. The fact that she mostly plays safe with her makeup choices back home and suddenly pulled off a lavender on lips in Festival de Cannes was a bit too drastic for the eyes to accustom.
Aishwarya was seen carrying little Aaradhya after she threw a tantrum and almost sat on the floor at airport. Probably little one was scared of all the shutterbugs going gaga over wanting to click Aishwarya’s pictures.
Amidst media glare, Aaradhya almost sat on the floor of airport as grandmother Vrinda and mother Aish looked on.
Like always Aaradhya was comfortable perched atop Aishwarya as she made her way out.