Aditi Bhatia is an Indian television actress. She has appeared in popular television serial Tashan-E-Ishq. She has worked as child actor
in several movies including Chance Pe Dance, Vivah to name a few. Currently, she is seen as grown up Ruhi aka Ruhaan in ‘Ye Hai

Aditi Bhatia was born and brought up in Mumbai. She is very close to her mother Bina Bhatia and always takes advice from her
regarding any important decision. She started her acting career as child actor and was seen in many bollywood movies.

The show Ye Hai Mohabbatein has taken a generation leap. Aditi Bhatia is playing the role of grown up Ruhi aka Ruhaan in the show.
Abhishek Verma is playing the role of grown up Aditya Raman Kumar Bhalla in the show. Young actors Kavya Ramanii plays Simran
Bhalla’s (Shireen Mirza) daughter Ananya and Bhavesh Bhimani is seen as Shravan Bala Chandran in the show.

Aditi is playing the role of a boy Ruhaan who is a rockstar. She is enjoying the character despite being a girl. She said, “Playing a boy
is actually fun. Girls tend to get conscious but boys are carefree. I’m enjoying the latter bit for sure. The biggest challenge is to behave
like a boy which I faced initially but now I am used to it.”

Gorgeous actress Aditi Bhatia is not dating anyone. She is very much single and focusing on her career building.