We recently shared an article of 3D flooring options and How to install Penny floor, It is stunning flooring ideas and covering and 3d wall Paneling ideas Great albums : Creative flooring ideas 2016 , and Stylish herringbone tile pattern for floor
Features of 3D Floor and self-leveling floor Technology:
Self-leveling 3d floors – a new technology for manufacturing of flooring. Incredibly huge selection of colors and materials to create them suggests that this method is a promising device gender and popular lately.

Self-leveling floor laying technique became known recently. 10 years ago it was not used at all, but today it is one of the most promising directions in the construction industry. Such hype associated with greater capacity self-leveling floor, because apart from a large scope of application, there are important and specifications, and performance. In addition, not everyone knows that fill the floor with their hands really, although it requires certain skills and knowledg hat are self-leveling floor, 3D floor art:
Decorative Flooring – it’s not just a picture, a large-scale art object, which radically changes the idea might look like floor coverings. On the one hand – this surface, and the other – the full picture, with all shades and textures. A strong and durable surface on which a person walks in the room can be beautiful, creative and unique.

Decorative 3d flooring – this is one of the most modern variants of interior decoration of any room, whether it is a flat or a house, office or entertainment center.
Decorative self-leveling floor, 3d floor art are primarily image-element, in this case, do not lose their functionality and durability. Thanks to modern technology, the use of new, proven and high-quality materials and equipment, skill and professionalism of the performers we can implement both simple and complex design 3d floor at prices that will suit any owner of a residential or non-residential premises.Decorative self-leveling floor 3D floor technology :
At the decoration of their owners have to solve a lot of questions about the design features elements of the interior and the materials used. Person not familiar with innovations for finishing works may surprise an abundance of options due to the presence in the arsenal of the builders of many modern technologies.

One of the main structural elements of any room is the floor and the top layer – flooring. Traditional materials for the manufacture of the component – Flooring, parquet, laminate, linoleum. Recently, this series was supplemented with another type of coverage – self-leveling floors. It should be noted that this technology is well proven, and as a base for all types of flooring, and as an independent floor, especially with decorative trim – drawing of patterns, drawings, and finishing with special polymer compositions. It was the latter is the highest class of contemporary gender.

The apparent complexity of the decorative self-leveling floor can only confound those who do not know about such properties of viscous materials such as fluidity and mobility. This physical characteristic of specific products, distributed on the floor surface, determines the evenness and mechanical design parameters. Visual appeal is achieved by applying the figure, including the technology 3D floor, or a sticker on the finished image is one of the intermediate layers. Careful adherence to building codes and regulations at all stages of the work makes it possible to obtain a unique appearance, perfectly smooth, durable, in keeping with the rest of the interior flooring.Types of 3D floor or self-leveling floor :
3D drawing,
a graphic image,
decorative flooring with inclusions (all that is hidden within the floor – varying in size inclusions, tinsel, coins, etc.)
plain floors without pictures
imitation (textural images of different kinds of wood, stone, natural materials ( River white granite )
Every year the number of design options for 3d floors and self-leveling floor increases, so it makes no sense to try to list them all. Every designer comes up with its own floor, which is unparalleled anywhere else. And each new technique or method of root, upgraded, improved day by day.Self-leveling floor and 3d floor murals advantages:
This kind of coverage is not accidental deserved popularity. Screed than comparable rates to other materials, a number of other advantages. The most characteristic and attractive feature is its so-called seamless – design has a perfectly flat and smooth surface without a single seam. Among other advantages of the material is worth noting simplicity and ease of maintenance – buying floors, you can forget about tedious and time-consuming cleaning. Coating of polymeric materials has stain-resistant and extremely high anti-static properties, and no seams leaves bacteria and fungi breeding ground. This self-leveling floor hygiene is especially important in families where there are small children – buying and 3D-bay floor, you can not worry about the baby’s health. In addition, due to the special structure of the coating is resistant to mechanical damage, which ensures its durability.