Nitibha Kaul is the lady inside the Bigg Boss 10 who promises to add some sexiness. We bring to you her profile, bio, photos and videos. This is a sneak peek into all that you need to know about Nitibha Kaul. The beauty is a girl from the valleys of Kashmir. Nitibha Kaul had her stint with glamour as she took part in the Miss India contest before. Nitibha claims to be a dreamer, believer and go-getter. She is also someone who can stand up for herself. This participant is more accustomed to the spotlight due to her modelling background. “The journey from #MissIndiaDelhi to #BiggBoss10 was not easy. Thank you for all the support guys. Keeping sending your love,” writes Nitibha. The 23-year-old works in Google and is a Delhi resident. Her hobbies are singing, dancing, listening to music, swimming and reading. Nitibha’s lifelines are her friends and family.