Xiaomi’s new camera: The Xiaoyi M1 is the first proper camera from Xiaomi. It is a mirrorless camera — hence compact — has a 20MP Sony sensor inside it, Leica-like design and a fairly affordable (around Rs 23,000) price tag. Fujifilm enters medium format:
Fujifilm is making a big camera. Well, it’s not that big but the sensor inside it is big, which is the real deal with the GFX 50S. This is a camera with 51-megapixel medium format image sensor, which means that from GFX 50S you can expect image quality that large full-frame cameras can only dream of.
Sony brings A game: The latest DSLR from Sony is A99 II, a camera with full-frame sensor and blazing speed of 12 frames per second, despite packing in a sensor that captures hefty 42-megapixel images. Now that is some beefy hardware.
Olympus Pen E-PL8: It looks can kill, this is the shooter you want in your pocket. Or hands for that matter. The Pen E-PL8 looks like a perfect little camera for trendy travellers. Good thing is that it also has a large image sensor so that it should click beautiful images.
GoPro Karma: This is the camera for those who want a bit to adventure. It is actually a camera plus drone into one single package. And while don’t expect great image quality from Karma, the fact that it will fly and click images from angles that photographers on the land can only dream of will ensure that capture memorable shots with it.
Leica Sofort: This is camera that looks good — like all Leicas — and clicks instant images. Just shoot and then print, like old Polaroid cameras. Granted, it won’t be that useful. But than what it lacks in utility it makes up with style.