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US 5,000 aircraft flying in the sky for 24 hours to live. Most of them are in the hundreds of passengers. Because in all of them is the story of who they are and where and how things are going. Many people who are 13, 15 or 18-hour flight to the US after persistent melancholy arrive. Some people manage to spend time together and talk. How is the life of fellow passengers to travel so long, it says Eva Liparova. The whole story has been uploaded on the net …
Eva tried to passengers in May 2014 and her story has been uploaded on the net. Liva for the same 11-hour flight from London to San Francisco. He had a notebook and pen. The story of the people of airline passengers to be taken, which contained many interesting things were written. They say: I am a theater producer. Extend the time to stage an adaptation of stories of people and inspired thee. Stories of strangers so I took the notebook, so that I could bring to the world. Eva whole book on these stories ‘Plain Tales’ has written a total of 33 people, family, job, marriage, honeymoon, etc. written proposal.
Eva says, some people are very open-minded. They also tend to write their life’s most intimate things. He wrote that a woman like your elderly parents is going to watch Yorkshire. He does not know whether he would see his father again. Similarly, because a boy was going to San Francisco, the girlfriend could propose. Two days after the wedding, a newly married woman wrote that they are going to the West Coast for honeymoon. These are the most precious moments of her life.