Three people who were accused of rape charges were acquitted, the Supreme Court has ruled in a case in Bengaluru, as per a TOI report.

A bench of Justices Pinaki Chandra Ghose and Amitava Roy have said that proof by woman who has alleged rape be taken seriously but it should not be taken as “gospel truth” “The evidence of prosecutrix must be examined as that of an injured witness whose presence at the spot is probable but it can never be presumed that her statement should always, without exception, be taken as gospel truth,” the bench said.In 20 year-old case where a woman who was working as a maid said that three men kidnapped her, put her in an auto, took her to a garage and repeatedly raped her. She gave the details about the rape such as the site of the incident etc.

The complainant’s roommate however gave away that she was working as a sex worker after her day job as a maid. She said she had charged the men with rape as they did not pay her.

“Her vengeful attitude in the facts and circumstances, as disclosed by her, if true, demonstrably evinces a conduct manifested by a feeling of frustration stoked by an intense feeling of deprivation of something expected, desired or promised.” the bench said.