If you want to become a chick magnet, you better start showing some empathy. A recent study has found that teenage boys, who show empathy, attract 1.8 more girlfriends than boys who don’t.

It is the first study to examine the extent that adolescent males and females select empathic classmates as friends. The study concludes that girls are more likely to nominate empathic boys as friends.However, in contrast, empathetic girls didn’t rate quite highly with the opposite sex. In fact, the study found girls with empathetic qualities “did not attract a greater number of opposite sex friends” at all. “The more friendship nominations a boy received from either boys or girls, the more they felt supported by their friends.
But, the number of friendship nominations received by girls, in contrast, had no effect on their felt support by friends. Regardless of the quantity of friendship nominations, empathy was linked to more supportive friendships for both males and females,” said the researcher.

The researchers defined cognitive empathy as the capacity to comprehend the emotions of another person. He noted that it is critical to identify and teach young people the skills they need in order to develop supportive friendships. To that end, the study provides a contextual understanding of the role of empathy in selecting and maintaining friendships.