Witnesses said they heard the schoolgirl screaming as she was brutally beaten by yobs at 5.40pm today in Green Park, Southampton. Dozens of emergency services vehicles – including 15 police cars – were scrambled after receiving calls about the savage attack.

The girl reportedly tried protecting her face as her attacker punched and kicked her in front of a mob of youngsters.

Reports say the crowd filming at the horrific attack on their mobile phones as the victim begged them to stop.

The vicious attack took place just yards away from where a talented artist was kicked to death by a group of yobs.

It comes just weeks after two schoolgirls were suspended for kicking a girl in the head as other pupils cheered them on.

Shocking video showed a crowd of children in uniform surrounding the 14-year-old as her hair was pulled.

She was then dragged to the ground, repeatedly punched in the face, kneed in the head and kicked in the face. The crowd allegedly shouted encouragement to the attacker, including “Go on” and “Kill her” near the school in Barry, South Wales.