A school van driver in Sonari was arrested on Sunday night on charges of raping an 11-year old girl over six months.
Suresh Rajak (43) was picked up after the girl’s family filed a complaint with the police. The case came to light when the class 5 student complained of severe stomach and abdominal pain and was taken to local doctor who alerted the family of her condition.
Police said, Rajak had started abusing the girl in October 2015 and threatened to do the same with her younger sister if she did not keep quiet.
According to the family, Rajak drives a Maruti van and would ferry schoolchildren from home to school and back. The girl and her sister — a student of class 1 — were the last to be dropped home every day, but the two had different school timings. The driver, police said, would take the girl to secluded places and rape her; on one occasion he had taken her to a garage.
“The girl did not inform her family as the driver had threatened that he would do the same with her younger sister… Two days back the girl was taken to a local doctor after complaining about pain. The doctor informed her parents that she was raped several times,” police said.
The girl is now at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College Hospital for medical examination.
“The accused has confessed to sexually exploiting the girl but has denied doing same with other girls. We’ve sent him to jail and will interrogate him again,” said Sumant Anand, Sonari officer in-charge.