When a sister in front of this situation, he maintained his unborn baby brother or standing guard in the face of death, he preferred to save unborn baby brother instead and booked their abortion. The sacrifice of the Chinese sister getting plenty of buzz these days in the online media in these circumstances that took the lives of brother sister step …
China’s 24-year-Yang Li Hangju City was three months pregnant. Meanwhile, news came to him that if his 29 year old brother Yang Jun has not bone marrow transplant or he will die. Koizumi in September 2015 to June before the lymphoma was diagnosed. This causes him to be involved in 5 sessions of chemotherapy and radiotherapy was 18 times. First it seemed that the treatment was successful, but in July this year, the Czech-up showed that he is again lymphoma. Doctors told Koizumi that the stem cell transplant can save her is just Hematopoitik and took it from her sister’s perfect match.
Jun sister pregnant when it turned out that he was hard, he said it took about. But at the same time, Koizumi thought of their 7 year old daughter and wife, they will have to spend my life. Li Jun from the weeping sister said, ‘My chances of survival are very low.
Brother to Lee when his bone marrow to consult with doctors in the procedure, they said unborn child will have very negative effects. Doctors have told him that you have to choose one of the unborn child or sibling. Despite the many fantasies of your child Lee decided that he can not leave his brother.
Was the deep love between brothers and sisters:
Lee recently said in an interview in a small village in Henan province, the family lived in abject poverty. Onti had to stay close to her. Yang Jun brother was already working in Hangju. Whenever he comes home always brought a gift for her. Yang Li after high school to study when looking for jobs Hangju then she found work in a beauty salon. Lee said the brothers were so worried for my safety that he himself would come and pick Mujen leaving the salon. If he did not eat Maँ some good food at the supermarket, I would take to feed. When he was away from the mother and father used to take care of her brother.
Lee’s husband consulted before holding your abortion. Abortion, made last October 3 in order to donate bone marrow to brother as theirs.Now he is ready for the transplant surgery. However, there is still not fixed a date for bone marrow transplant.