Reporting a crime in Saskatoon just got a whole lot easier. The Saskatoon Police Service (SPS) is taking yet another step into the 21st century by launching a mobile app that lets people report crimes and provides them with access to information at their finger tips.

Whether it be a smashed car window upon waking for the day or a minor fender bender, there’s now an app for that.

“This is kind of a one-stop shop, it’s right there on your homescreen which is why some mobile apps are so successful,” said Kelsie Fraser with SPS.

“It allows you at the of a touch of a button to get what you want whereas going to our website while it’s mobile-friendly, you’re using drop down menus and moving from there. It’s another means, another communications tool to be accessible to the public.” As long as it’s not a crime in progress, a person can report an offence through the app – along with details of the crime, the suspect and description of what they were driving.

It has been created by MobilePD, a lead developer in mobile applications for public safety and law enforcement.

This will be the first app of its kind in the province and is being launched in partnership with Saskatoon Crime Stoppers, as another way for people to assist police while staying anonymous.

“We’re getting more and more through the online and right now we have a text method to report tips,” said Mark Dolan, President of Saskatoon Crime Stoppers.

Additional features on the app include crime mapping, alerts access to social media and criminal record checks. MobilePD has developed similar app  for seven other services across the country with positive results.

“The more information we can give to the citizens of Saskatoon, makes it a healthier community. That’s why we have things like missing persons on there so if anybody might see or have some information on a current missing person or a wanted person,” said Chief Weighill.

Members of the public are reminded however that 911 still applies to emergencies or crimes where the assistance of an officer is needed.

The total cost of the investment for the app was $15,000 but it’s free for the public to download from the IOS Apple Store and Google Play MarketPlace