A Saskatoon man who pleaded guilty in March to making and possessing child pornography will end up spending an additional two years less a day behind bars. That means Justin Gryba, 27, can serve his time in a provincial facility in Saskatchewan.

Gryba was arrested in November 2011 and pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography and was sentenced to two years in jail.

At that time, police couldn’t access a pair of heavily encrypted external hard drives owned by Gryba, but eventually they got in and laid additional charges against Gryba while he was on parole.

On the hard drives, police found nearly 10,000 images and videos of children engaged in graphic sex acts.

They also found videos Gryba secretly took of boys he knew through volunteer work.

“Words cannot begin to express the vile and (depraved) nature of these sickening and disgusting recordings,” Justice Martel Popescul said as Gryba sat with his head bowed.

Popescul said the quantity of material was also an aggravating factor.

“This represents 9,775 child victims. The material was repugnant, disturbing and reprehensible,” Popescul said.

The judge noted Gryba had an excellent academic record while attending the University of Saskatchewan and said he was listed as a low risk to re-offend by a clinical psychologist.

He also pointed to sex offender treatment Gryba has taken while in jail. He quoted a worker from one of Gryba’s programs who praised his participation and said he had a rigorous plan to prevent a relapse.

The judge’s overall sentence was reduced with one-and-a-half times credit for the time Gryba has already spent on remand, leaving him with the sentence of two years less a day.