It was a busy weekend for Saskatoon police. Officers responded to an increased number of calls – around 1,000 reports of crime or request for help came in, which is about 100 more than usual. Below is a breakdown of some of the notable calls, by division, officers dealt with over the weekend:

Central Division

• 360 calls.

• Early Monday morning officers were involved in a car chase with a suspect driving a stolen vehicle. The car was spotted on Bedford Road and was eventually stopped by officers two kilometres west of the city after it crashed into a power pole. Police dogs help find two boys, aged 14 and 16, hiding nearby. The boys are facing numerous charges. Police are still searching for a third suspect.

East Division

• 340 calls.

• Nine reports of break ins to garages, sheds and underground parkades.

• Two men were arrested after numerous vehicles were broken into and items stolen along Saskatchewan Crescent and Grosvenor Avenue.

North West Division

• 300 calls.

• Officers spotted a stolen vehicle run a stop sign on Friday. A man and woman were arrested and charged with possession of stolen property, obstruction and breach of probation.