In the video below, Sasha Banks gets emotional after failing to win the WWE Women’s Title at WrestleMania 32. Sasha says she put her heart out there like she does with all her matches. Sasha says she feels so honored and proud of every woman who stepped foot in WWE. She feels they changed history at WrestleMania 32. Her dream has been for the title to be a Women’s Title since it was changed and now it is.

Nikki Bella noted on Twitter that she made history by being the longest-reigning WWE Divas Champion now that the title is being retired. She posted the following on Instagram:

To think of the beginning and an end of an amazing era. I am SO beyond proud of how far the women in WWE have come. This road has started to be paved for so long and to be apart of the hard working women that have paved this road brings tears to my eyes. The fights, struggles, tears, breakdowns for equality our finally worth it bc today marks a day that women are finally equal to men! Thank you to all the fans that have believed in women’s wrestling, to Triple H for giving us women a chance, to Stephanie for using her empowering voice, and thank you to all the women before me for paving that road and to all the women after me to continue to carry that torch. This fight has been a long, hard one but worth it! WrestleMania 32 marks history for us women in WWE! So excited to watch as a fan tonight!! And may I say that new title is just amazing! That title represents a true, strong, inspiring, empowering woman.