Wrestler-actor Sangram Singh says the news of his friend and actress Pratyusha Banerjee’s death was “heartbreaking”, but what was even more distressing was the way people tried to get mileage out of the incident.

“I am sorry I wasn’t here when this tragedy happened to her. When I returned (from South Africa), I could only attend her prayer meeting. I was very saddened to see her parents in the state that they were in. “No parents deserve to see their only child die. Pratyusha’s mother reminded me of my own mother. A simple woman trying to understand what had happened to her child. It was heartbreaking,” Sangram said in an emotional tone.

Even more heartbreaking was the way a section of the television industry was trying to cash in on the tragedy, he said. “Who are these friends who are speaking on her behalf to the press? And why is the media entertaining their theatrics? A young girl who was starting out in life has died. Shame on all those people who are trying to make mileage out of this tragedy. Some are screaming, weeping and fainting. “Someone (Rakhi Sawant) takes a ceiling fan to the police station to tell the world to ban fans. Why are they being allowed to reduce the tragedy to a ‘tamasha’? There is one friend who genuinely cares for her, and that is Kamya Punjabi.”
Sangram said he is unhappy to hear Pratyusha’s parents’ plight. “They are simple people with a meager income. Someone had to arrange their flight tickets for them to come to Mumbai. They don’t deserve this,” he added. Sangram and Pratyusha spent many weeks in reality TV show “Bigg Boss”. So, he was stunned to hear of her death. “The last I spoke to her was before she went into the reality show ‘Power Couple’. She was sounding very happy. She told me she wants to get married and settle down. I told her to be careful about the partner she chooses in life.”

“Have patience. Don’t lose heart. There is much to life than fame and fortune. If you are a part of the entertainment industry, please remember it is all temporary. Success and failure go hand in hand. Life is too precious to be squandered for fame or love.”