In a veiled attack, Namdhari sect head Satguru Uday Singh today pointed fingures of suspicion on his elder brother Thakur Dalip Singh. Only those with a motive could be behind such a heinous crime, he said.“The sangat knows who is behind the attack. We have faith in the police investigation and hope that the perpetrators of such a ghastly act will be arrested soon,” said Satguru Uday Singh.Lakhvir Singh, spokesperson for the Namdhari Darbar, alleged Mata Chand Kaur was a stumbling block for the power-hungry, Thakur Dalip Singh.Suba Balwinder Singh, an office-bearer of Namdhari Darbar, said a few years ago, Thakur Dalip Singh had visited the dera and had a heated argument with Mata Chand Kaur. “I remember Dalip Singh had stated that he has learnt the art of fight and now, he will show how to fight,” he said.Navtej Singh, president, Namdhari Panthak Ekta Action Committee, representing Thakur Dilip Singh, snubbed Lakhvir Singh for “playing petty politics over the shocking incident” and said the death had come as a double blow for Thakur Dalip Singh. He was under immense shock following Mata Chand Kaur’s killing.“For us, she was the Satguru. We used to worship her. What kind of benefit one could get by killing a saint,” he said, adding that Gursharan Kaur, wife of Thakur Uday Singh, was quietly made the matriarch even as the seat should have been offered to Dalip Kaur, mother of Thakur Dalip Singh and Thakur Uday Singh.